Expedition Papua New Guinea Begins: Blog

The newly funded “Aerial Observations of Volcanic Emissions from Unmanned Aerial Systems” field study, also known as Expedition PNG or #DCOdronesPNG on Twitter, got off to a flying start on Monday, 21 October 2018. Led by Emma Liu of the University of Cambridge, UK, expedition participants are using innovative unmanned aerial system (UAS) technologies (or drones) to collect volcanic gas measurements at Manam and Rabaul Volcanoes in Papua New Guinea. These strongly degassing volcanoes remain largely uncharacterized because their plumes are challenging to access using ground-based techniques. 

The team will be in the field through the end of October, returning for three more weeks in the spring of 2019.

Follow the team’s progress on the DCO Twitter account (@deepcarb), or check the blog for short posts from the field. 

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