May 2012 Newsletter


Deep Carbon Science from Around the World:
Life in the Suboceanic Mantle
Dark Energy Biosphere Research:  Past and Future

Observatory News:
Message from the Director
The Economist:  Interview with Robert Hazen about his New Book, The Story of Earth
Ancient Life Found Beneath the Ocean Floor:  The Washington Post Highlights Deep Life Article
DCO Directorate Name Change: PCC Renamed Extreme Physics and Chemistry  
2012 Eni Award:  Barbara Sherwood Lollar Receives Protection of Environment Award

Postdoctoral Positions

Upcoming DCO Events:
Sixth International Symposium on Isotopomers:  18-22 June 2012, Washington, DC, USA
Serpentine Days Workshop:  2-6 Sept. 2012, Porquerolles, France
ICDP Workshop on Oman Drilling Project:  13-17 Sept. 2012, Palisades, NY, USA
DCO Executive Committee Meeting:  20-21 Sept. 2012, Berling, Germany
Pardee Keynote Symposia at GSA Annual Meeting:  7 Nov. 2012, Charlotte, NC, USA

Upcoming Related Events:
Dark Energy Meeting on Ocean Crust Processes:  6-8 June 2012, Bremen, Germany
Gordon Conference on Research at High Pressure:  24-29 June 2012, Biddeford, ME, USA
Goldschmidt Session on Earth's Deep Carbon Cycle:  25 June 2012, Montreal, Canada
International Workshop of Deep Geothermal Systems:  29-30 June 2012, Wuhan, China

Recent Events:
Earth Materials Database Infrastructure Effort:  24 May 2012, Washington, DC, USA
DCO Deep Energy Workshop:  3-4 May 2012, Paris, France



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