Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) 2019

2019-01-08 - 08:00 - 2019-01-10
University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

This meeting will take place from the 8th to the 10th January 2019 at the University of St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. It is open to everyone working on volcanic and magmatic geoscience. The general themes are:

[1] Eruption processes. Conveners: Sam Engwell (BGS, Edinburgh), Mike Cassidy (Oxford), Mike Heap (Strasbourg, France), & William Hutchison (St Andrews).

Keynote: Benjamin van Wyk de Vries (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Inclusive of studies focused on volcanic hazard and risk, eruption prediction, controls on eruption style, eruption dynamics, and ancient and active magmatic hydrothermal activity.

[2] Subvolcanic processes. Conveners: Eleanor Mare (St Andrews), Sami Mikhail (St Andrews), & Jenny Riker (Bristol)

Keynote: Jon Blundy (Bristol, UK)

Inclusive of studies focused on magma chamber dynamics, the origin of silicic magmatism and volcanism, dyke emplacement, ascent/emplacement mechanics, intrusion structure, the triggers of volcanic activity, melting, igneous and experimental petrology.

[3] Monitoring across scales. Conveners: Jackie Kendrick (Liverpool) & Andy Bell (Edinburgh)

Keynote: Ian Main (Edinburgh, UK)

Inclusive of studies focused on seismology, lab experiments, novel and traditional monitoring techniques, drone work, seismic reflection/tomography infrasound, field-based FTIR, IR & UV camera work.

Deadlines for both Registration & Abstract Submission are both November 16th, 2018.

See more information at the meeting website here.

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