2019 Named “Year of Carbon” by Geological Society of London

The Geological Society of London (GSL) announced recently that it is has designated 2019 as the “Year of Carbon.”

A continuation of “themed years” launched in 2015, The “Year of Carbon” will fulfill GSL’s science strategy to promote geoscience, advance understanding of the geosphere and scientific knowledge, and help the public understand the importance of geoscience and its value to society. Since 2015, theme years have focused on mud, water, risk, and resources.

“2019 is the perfect year to celebrate carbon,” says Marie Edmonds (University of Cambridge, UK), chair of DCO’s Synthesis Group 2019, who also serves as the Geological Society’s secretary for science. “It’s a perfect synergistic match between GSL’s goal to share knowledge and DCO’s mission to synthesize what has been learned about deep carbon over the past decade. GSL’s themed years are a very effective way for engaging both the scientific community and public about important geoscience issues.”

GSL’s themed years consist of a variety of different programming options that range from research conferences, public lectures, educational initiatives, and other activities.

Edmonds and Synthesis Group 2019 are proposing a series of options for presentation to GSL. Should you have ideas for such programming, please contact Edmonds at marie.edmonds@esc.cam.ac.uk.

“The Year of Carbon is one important way that SG2019 will realize a vision for DCO, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts,” adds Edmonds.


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