DCO co-Sponsored EGU 2016 Union Symposium on Deep Geofluids: Video Available

The symposium took place on Thursday, 21 April at the 2016 European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria.

The Deep Carbon Observatory, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP), and several European Geoscience Union (EGU) divisions jointly organized a Union Symposium on Deep Geofluids at the 2016 European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria (17-22 April 2016). The symposium, which took place on Thursday, 21 April at 15:30, was co-chaired by Brian Horsfield, Executive Director, ICDP; Craig Schiffries, Director, DCO; and Christopher Juhlin, President, EGU Division on Energy, Resources and the Environment.

The Symposium was livestreamed during the General Assembly, and is archived in full here and on the EGU 2016 website


Symposium Program

15:30–16:00 | Making rhyolite in a basalt crucible.

John Eichelberger

16:00–16:30 | Revisiting the subduction zone carbon cycle: What goes down, mostly comes up.

Peter Kelemen and Craig Manning

16:30–17:00 | Making a black shale shine: the interaction of hydrothermal fluids and diagenetic processes.

Sarah Gleeson, Joe Magnall, and Merilie Reynolds

17:30–18:00 | Deep ancient fluids in the continental crust and their impact on near-surface economic, environmental and biological systems.

Christopher Ballentine, Oliver Warr, Chelsea Sutcliffe, Jill McDermott, Jonathan Fellowes, Greg Holland, Jennifer Mabry, and Barbara Sherwood Lollar

18:00–18:30 | Extracting Energy from Petroleum Reservoirs at Large Scale without CO2 Emissions –Is it possible? Is The Attempt Desirable?

Steve Larter, Marc Strous, and Steven Bryant

18:30–19:00 | Fluid injection and induced seismicity.

Michael Kendall and James Verdon

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