DCO Webinar Wednesdays Return: Wikipedia in Higher Education

With the sheer volume of information now available on the internet, having trustworthy, accurate digital resources is more important than ever.

The general public no longer only turns to publishers, subject matter experts, or even news outlets for most of our information; they also look to Wikipedia. Volunteers with varying interests, educational contexts, and access to the academic literature edit Wikipedia, and the site still lacks detailed and accurate articles about scientific topics relevant to informed citizens. When articles are present, scientific perspectives are often inaccurate, misrepresented, or missing altogether.

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During this webinar, we will discuss content gaps on Wikipedia, and we will encourage attendees to help close these gaps and make information more accessible and comprehensible to the public. Led by the Wiki Education’s Samantha Weald, participants will hear about learning benefits for students and scholars, and details about Wiki Education's suite of tools, trainings, and available Wikipedia expertise. We will also discuss strategies for engaging students by assigning Wikipedia content editing, and providing active Wikipedia volunteers with remote access to scholarship related to your field.

Please join us on live Wednesday, 28 March at 2pm EDT for this webinar, hosted jointly by Synthesis Group 2019 and the DCO Engagement Team, or follow along on Twitter on the hashtag #DCOWebWed. View the archive:

Previous DCO webinars are available here.

Contact Katie Pratt (katie_pratt@uri.edu) or Darlene Trew Crist (dtcristdco@gmail.com) with any questions about this webinar, or if you would like to propose a future series. 

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