DCO Emerging Leader Awards

Three Deep Carbon Observatory scientists have received the inaugural Emerging Leaders Award.

Three Deep Carbon Observatory scientists have received the inaugural Emerging Leaders Award. The award recognizes early career scientists who have contributed to the burgeoning field of deep carbon science through their publications and active participation in the Deep Carbon Observatory, taking leadership roles in Deep Carbon Observatory events.

The awardees are:    

Jon Fellowes (University of Manchester UK, DCO Deep Energy Community) - for leading the first DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop in Costa Rica, kickstarting the DCO Early Career Scientist network, and playing a key role in organizing a Deep Energy Community meeting at the University of Manchester.

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities and experiences the Deep Carbon Observatory has afforded me; from sampling trips several kilometres below the surface of Earth to walking through the plume of an active volcano. But most importantly, the opportunity to meet and work with great people from a wide range of disciplines from around the world."



Donato Giovannelli (Rutgers University, USA/ISMAR-CNR, National Research Council of Italy, DCO Deep Life/Deep Energy Communities) - for leading the second DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop in the Azores and pushing the boundaries of what this network of talented scientists can accomplish through cross-disciplinary field work.

"I am honored and humbled to be among the first group of recipients of this award. I want to thank the DCO Leadership, DCO Secretariat and the entire DCO community for their help and support in the past year. I share this award with the organizing committee of the Second DCO Early Career Scientist Workshop that helped me to achieve this year's successes. I am looking forward to many years of deep carbon science and interactions with this great community.”


Fatima Viveiros (University of the Azores, DCO Reservoirs and Fluxes Community) - for serving as the local host and co-organizer of the second DCO Early Career Workshop in the Azores, including providing essential local knowledge, support, and guidance in the Azores, and organizing field trips and sampling permits for the workshop, and for successfully serving as one of the youngest project investigators in the 2013 grant awarded to the DCO Reservoirs and Fluxes Community.

"Being part of the DCO Community has been not only a great opportunity to interact and learn with scientists from all the world who have this common interest in deep carbon, but also has provided a challenge to learn more and more, to contribute to understanding of the carbon cycle. Thank you to the DCO for all the support it has given me and to a growing community of young researchers. This award is a gift to be shared with all the amazing early career scientists that have been working with me. Thank you. This is an incentive to continue the DCO dream over the coming years."

Each receives a certificate and a sample of carbonated Oman ophiolite in a beautiful presentation box.


We look forward to many years of their future contributions to deep carbon science and their continued leadership in the deep carbon scientific community.

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