DCO Engagement and Synthesis: New Proposals Funded

In March 2016, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation approved continued funding for the DCO Engagement Team, and new support for Deep Carbon Observatory synthesis activities.

The proposals together lay out complementary aspects of DCO’s Engagement and Synthesis initiatives with a view to sharing DCO science with a range of stakeholders as the 2019 program finale approaches.

Building on the outcomes of a successful Synthesis Planning Workshop in 2015, held at the University of Rhode Island, USA, DCO Executive Committee member Marie Edmonds (University of Cambridge, UK) took the lead in preparing a proposal outlining DCO synthesis. Synthesis efforts will integrate DCO discoveries and progress made by the DCO Science Network over the course of the 10-year initiative culminating in 2019.

“The proposal lays out an organized path forward for DCO synthesis, including formation of a leadership team called Synthesis Group 2019 (SG2019),” said Edmonds. “SG2019 will include scientists from each of DCO’s four scientific communities, and carefully consider a coordinated suite of products and activities that will achieve an effective and compelling integration of DCO research.”

The Engagement Team, based at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography, USA, will continue supporting the DCO Science Network through a wide variety of engagement activities, products, and partnerships. In addition, with DCO synthesis and integration coming into focus, the team’s proposal highlighted ways of complementing and enhancing the work of Edmonds and SG2019 over the next two years.

“We look forward to continuing our work with the DCO Science Network, sharing exciting new discoveries both within the scientific community and among a wide range of stakeholders,” said Engagement Team PI Sara Hickox.

Image: Participants in the 2015 DCO Synthesis Planning Workshop. Credit: Sarah Flickinger.

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