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DCO Research Seafloor “Methane filter” Takes Years to Regrow

Disturbances to the seafloor, whether natural or unnatural, can upset the “microbial methane filter," a blanket of microbes that efficiently consumes methane seeping from the seafloor before it…

DCO Research Subduction Zone May Manufacture Abiotic Hydrocarbons

Lab experiments and observations of high-pressure minerals from a subduction zone suggest that when ocean crust sinks into the mantle through subduction, the carbonates and water react to form light…

DCO Research How Microbes Survive When Buried Alive

A new model that probes the limits of microbial life finds that microorganisms in South Pacific Gyre sediments persist for millions of years in a dormant state, consuming the scraps of organic…

DCO Highlights Catastrophic Perturbations Workshop

Researchers met in Reykjavik, Iceland to assess the impact that catastrophes in Earth’s history, such as asteroid impacts, massive volcanic eruptions, plate tectonics, and mass extinctions have had…

DCO Highlights Become a Wikipedia Fellow

The Wikipedia Fellows Program is a unique opportunity to get personal training on the platform and confidently share your scientific knowledge on this widely referenced source. The Wikipedia Fellows…

DCO Highlights The DCO Community Pays Tribute to Erik Hauri

With the passing of Erik Hauri, DCO has lost one of its most dedicated and effective leaders.

DCO Highlights A Return to the Lost City

A research group led by Susan Lang and William Brazelton embark on a new expedition to the Lost City hydrothermal field. The researchers will investigate the microbial food chain and the geochemical…

Serpentine balls
DCO Research Organics Impact Low-Temperature Serpentinization

The organic carbon leftover from microbes colonizing cracks in the seafloor along mid-ocean ridges or deriving from abiotic reactions, independent of life, affects the minerals and the metals that…

Etna at night
DCO Research Different Volcano Types Show Their Metal

When arc volcanoes and hotspot volcanoes erupt, they each have a distinct metal “signature” that can be detected in the volcanic gases. This signature arises from differences in how magma forms in…

DCO Highlights Deep Carbon Science at Goldschmidt 2018

Deep carbon science played a prominent role in the 2018 Goldschmidt conference, which took place in Boston from 13-17 August 2018.

DCO Highlights Behind the Scenes of ‘The Most Unknown’

The Most Unknown, a new film that celebrates science, features nine scientists interviewing each other about their research and the mysteries that keep them searching for answers.

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