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DCO at Goldschmidt 2018
DCO Highlights Deep Carbon Science at the 2018 Goldschmidt Conference

A large contingent of DCO researchers will participate in Goldschmidt 2018 on 12–17 August in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

DECADE Workshop
DCO Highlights New Estimate of Global Carbon Degassing

Twenty-eight DCO members came together in late April to calculate a new estimate of global carbon dioxide degassing from volcanic sources.

DCO Research Pyroxenites Put Brakes on Mantle Melting

When pyroxenites get mixed into the mantle, their presence decreases the extent of melting, reducing the creation of new oceanic crust and potentially the amount of deep carbon released to the…

One of Two New Carbon Minerals is First of Its Kind
DCO Research One of Two New Carbon Minerals is First of Its Kind

Three years and 15 new minerals later, the Carbon Mineral Challenge continues to produce surprises.

Alex Charge Density_Cropped 3
DCO Research Xenon May Hide in Core With Iron and Nickel

Researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science mimicked conditions in Earth’s core to show that the normally aloof element xenon will combine with iron and nickel under intense pressure and at…

DCO Research Marine Microbe Has High-Fiber Diet

Researchers discovered that marine microbes, Bathyarchaeota, can use inorganic carbon and obtain energy from breaking down lignin, a complex molecule found in wood.

Mirico team
DCO Highlights DCO Support Helped Launch Company

DCO funding supported the development of a rugged, portable volcano monitoring device that helped launch the gas analysis instrument company MIRICO Ltd. Now, the company has received a £3.5 million (…

Cleaning Up Dirty Datasets from the Deep
DCO Research Datasets from the Deep

Subsurface environments present many challenges to researchers who sample microbial DNA to identify the local microbes. The low numbers of microbial cells in many subsurface environments make these…

DCO Highlights Data Science Summer Webinars

In this four-part series, members of DCO’s Data Science Team will walk through best practices for data acquisition, processing, and analytics in the geosciences, using Jupyter Notebooks to analyze…

DCO Highlights DCO/EarthByte Modeling Workshop

Almost 30 members of the Deep Carbon Observatory Science Network met on 5 and 6 April 2018 at the University of Cambridge, UK to discuss ways of linking plate tectonic reconstructions to aspects of…

DCO Highlights Biology Meets Subduction Part Two

From 3-20 April 2018, the Biology Meets Subduction team were back in the field to extend the study they began in February 2017.

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