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DCO Highlights International Diamond School Convenes in Italy

The INDIMEDEA (Inclusions in diamonds: messengers from the deep Earth) research team, led by Fabrizio Nestola (University of Padua, Italy) along with co-organizers Steven Shirey (Carnegie Institution…

DCO Highlights VIDEO: Wikipedia in Higher Education Webinar

With the sheer volume of information now available on the internet, having trustworthy, accurate digital resources is more important than ever.

DCO Research New Seafloor Acts Like Carbon Sponge

Several worldwide phenomena related to land, sea, and sky occur in 26 to 30 million-year cycles. Such phenomena include ocean anoxic events where parts of the ocean run out of oxygen, the deposition…

DCO Research Mass of Microbes' Desperate Lives

The Witwatersrand Basin in southern Africa, one of the oldest geological formations on Earth, began as a shallow sea about 3 billion years ago. The Basin is home to extensive gold and diamond mining…

DCO Highlights Marchettiite is Newly Discovered Carbon Mineral

Marchettiite is the latest in a series of new organic carbon minerals approved by the Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification [1]. It is the 13th and latest addition resulting…

DCO Highlights Magmatic CO Degassing in Afar Rift Video

From 1-12 November 2017, an international group of scientists headed to Afar, Ethiopia to measure carbon dioxide degassing in this rifting area, where three tectonic plates are spreading out.

DCO Research Hot, Deep Origin of Methane Revealed

Since the discovery of the first hydrothermal vents along the Galápagos Rift in 1977, scientists have puzzled over the origin of methane rising from these deep-sea hot springs. Regardless of…

DCO Highlights TED Talk on Deep Subsurface Microbes

Marine microbiologist Karen Lloyd introduces us to deep subsurface microbes: tiny organisms that live buried meters deep in ocean mud and have been on Earth since way before animals.

DCO Highlights Presentation | DCO 2017: Year in Review

Highlights of DCO activities in 2017, a presentation prepared by the DCO Secretariat.

DCO Highlights Consortium CarboPaT Funded Through 2021

Carbonates at high Pressures and Temperatures is a German research consortium launched in 2015 with support from the German Research Foundation to study carbonates at extreme conditions.

DCO Highlights Phase 2 Oman Drilling Project Update

Phase two of the Oman Drilling Project began in November 2017, and the team is currently hard at work collecting cores and cuttings.

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