Midterm Scientific Report

Carbon in Earth: Quantities, Forms, Movements, and Origins

DCO Midterm Scientific Report
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Midterm Scientific Report

Published in 2014, Carbon in Earth: Quantities, Forms, Movements, and Origins relayed the first five years of discovery of the ten-year Deep Carbon Observatory program. It provides a wonderful summation of the growth of the DCO as scientists from many disciplines around the world came together to answer critical questions about Earth’s past, present, and future. It catalogs progress toward advancing what is known about the quantities, forms, movements and origins deep within Earth.

This midterm scientific report takes a look back over five years of transformative science taking place within a vibrant and growing research community. It also outlines key directions and opportunities for the next phase of DCO through 2019.

The report can be downloaded here.

About the Author

  • Dr. Russell J. Hemley
    Russell J. Hemley George Washington University, USA
    Dr. Russell J. Hemley
    Russell J. Hemley
    George Washington University, USA

    Dr. Russell J. Hemley explores the nature of materials in extreme environments, specifically high pressures and temperatures. The work includes high-pressure experimental and theoretical studies in chemistry and physics, earth and planetary science, soft matter and biology, and the creation of new materials for technology using extreme conditions. After three decades at the Geophysical Laboratory and the Carnegie Institution of Washington, he moved to George Washington University where he is a research professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He also serves as the director of the Department of Energy/Carnegie Alliance, director of Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments, chair of the JASON Advisory Group, and co-executive director of the Deep Carbon Observatory. Hemley is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, member of the National Academy of Sciences, corresponding fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and Honoris Causa Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

DCO Executive Director Dr. Robert M. Hazen and the report’s author Dr. Russell J. Hemley (George Washington University, USA) discuss some of the probing questions scientists have answered over the first five years of DCO, as well as some remaining questions that will be investigated through the culmination of the program in 2019.

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