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Lively Workshop Debate 26 March 2018 Feature

Lively it was! In spite of being threatened by a late spring snow fall in Washington, DC, 50…

Earth in Five Reactions Workshop
Earth in Five Workshop 24 March 2018 Feature

On 22-23 March, 2018, 50 scientists from multiple disciplines meet for a lively debate to decide…

RRS James Cook
Update: March 2018 19 March 2018 Feature

In September 2016, the science team met in Italy to present and discuss preliminary results of…

MELTS and DEW Progress Report 9 March 2018 Feature

The MELTS/DEW team is making exceptional progress.They have completed these projects: a…

Monte Cervandone, Italy
Marchettiite joins the New Carbon Mineral Roster as #13 22 February 2018 Feature

Marchettiite is the latest in a series of new organic carbon minerals approved by the Commission on…

Water sampling in Costa Rica
Writing Begins 18 December 2017 Feature

The Biology Meets Subduction Team took advantage of their mutual attendance at AGU's Fall Meeting…

Earth from satellite
Authors Meet at AGU 11 December 2017 Feature

Editors Beth Orcutt, Isabelle Daniel, and Rajdeep Dagsupta met with lead authors of Whole Earth…

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Workshop Plans Underway 6 December 2017 Feature

Details regarding the Earth in Five Workshop were released. Learn more.

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Workshop Participants Chosen 17 November 2017 Feature

And the winners are: 50 scientists were selected to participate in the Earth in Five Workshop in…

Symphony in C Cover
Norton Awards Contract 1 November 2017 Feature

Robert M. Hazen is actively working on Symphony in C: Carbon & the Evolution of (Almost)…

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